We are winding down this year’s Q Pages and should have it all wrapped up April 30 and printed in time for QSaltLake’s Pride issue.

We have had to change how we are handling nonprofit organizations this year because of the way contact info for them tends to be so ever-changing and how much maintenance we end up doing for our online presence.

We have given free basic listings to all organizations for the past five years. We are hoping you will agree to a small charge for a basic listing and drastically reduced rates for anything larger:


Basic — $25 (organization name, address and phone)

Bold with Web — $45 (Organization name, address, phone and website and/or email address)

Bold with Web & description — $65 (Organization name, address, phone, website and/or email, 25 words)

Bold with Logo — $95 (Organization name, address, phone, website and/or email, 25 words, ½ inch tall logo)

Display ads

1/6 page — $195
¼ page — $245
1/3 page  — $295
½ page — $345

Full page — $445

(These rates are anywhere from 50-80% off)

I can entertain sponsorship for some organizations. Please make a proposal to me at this email address.


Please email us what you would like your listing to say to [email protected]

You can pay via PayPal (we’ll send a PayPal invoice),
credit card at 801-997-9763 ext. 2,
check to Salt Lick Publishing, 222 S Main St 500, SLC UT 84101 or
cash at our office (above address)

Thanks so much!

-Michael Aaron